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We're Addaction. We believe everyone should feel comfortable getting the support they need for issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health.

We're a positive organisation where people can progress, connect with others and get friendly, expert help. We work alongside people who need support, treating them with warmth, compassion and respect.

We're looking for passionate, ambitious, positive, empathetic people to join our organisation. Together will we work to make a change.

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Our strategy 2019-2022

Every year, millions of us are affected by problems with mental health, drugs, alcohol, and self harm. Yet not enough people are getting help or getting better.

We've spent the last year exploring how we can make the biggest possible difference. The challenges we see are big and not easy to shift. But the time is right for change.

Read our three year strategy to find out more about the ambitious new direction for our work.  

Addaction Voices

Our publication Addaction Voices highlights the perspectives of our people and their experiences on the front line of drugs, alcohol and mental health issues across Britain. 

Read Addaction Voices to find out more about our organisation, the big challenges affecting our sector and how we're exploring new approaches to tackling them