What does work?

Intervening early and improving resilience

We believe in taking action early to tackle harmful behaviours. This should be an underpinning philosophy for all government strategy. Early results of our Resilience Programme developed with the Amy Winehouse Foundation show a reduction of up to 40% in cannabis and alcohol use through evidence-based early intervention.*

Real Life Experience: Results and Recommendations from Year 2 of the Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme (2016).*In a pragmatic cluster randomised trial, n = 536

In the last decade, the number of young people admitted to hospital due to self-harm has increased 68%. In response, we have developed the Mind and Body programme, which is delivering impressive pilot results – a 33% drop in self-harm thoughts and a 26% drop in actual self-harm.

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Integrating treatment

Our models are based around a well evidenced range of behavioural approaches. We believe budgets should be integrated more consistently. Our Breaking the Cycle programme, which tackles intergenerational substance misuse, also improves emotional wellbeing - at the start of the programme 69% of clients had clinical symptoms of anxiety and depression, which reduced to just 31% at exit. 

Improving access to Primary Care

Approximately 70% of the NHS spend is for people with long term condition. Self-care and behaviour change are likely to improve health. At present, those with complex physical and emotional needs are often overlooked.

DoH, (2012) Long term conditions compendium, third edition. Dr Oelbaum, Addaction unpublished data (2016). 

Chest disease is the leading cause of death among people on methadone prescriptions, so in Liverpool we delivered diagnostic breathing tests for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to over 1000 patients as they received their prescriptions.

Of those tested, half had emphysema. Hundreds of people who hadn’t understood why they were breathless and coughing were diagnosed and referred for further treatment. A key way to improve population-level health is by making health-based changes to legislation.