North East Glasgow Recovery Hub

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Adult drug and alcohol
Friends and family
Mental health


This service covers postcodes: G21, G31, G32, G33, G34, G40, G69


How to find us

Everything we do is free, confidential and there when you need it. Someone will be available to talk either over the phone or in person, in a place that's comfortable for you - like your home, a cafe or your GP surgery. You can contact us yourself or have someone else do it for you, like a friend, family member or another support worker.

You will always get a warm welcome wherever you meet us and we will often chat over the phone before you meet us for the first time. At the first meeting, we will go over your details and ask some questions around what life is like for you at the moment and what your hopes are for the future. Our job is to help you see your strengths and use these to achieve your own goals - whatever these may be. We do this through a process called Recovery Planning.

Everything will be tailored to meet your needs. We offer individual and group sessions as well as mutual aid and peer support. It's our aim to help build safe recovery networks and to encourage the use of Glasgow's thriving recovery communities.


Take a look at our group work timetable  and our service info leaflet  at the downloads section on this page




Mon - Fri:

What service users say:

"I felt nervous before meeting the worker; I thought I would be judged. I met them and instantly these feelings left me and I felt at ease.’

"A one to one? For me it was more of an informal chat with someone who could help. The atmosphere was relaxed and our meetings would sometimes take place while having a cuppa. I felt empathy from the worker and was able to connect."

"I started to attend some of the groups and these helped increase my confidence. They were relaxed and informative. For me, going to the groups offered structure, independence and the opportunity to meet like-minded people. I was also able to forge new friendships and also have fun while learning what recovery means to me...and how to use what I was learning in my day-to-day life."