Families Plus

Services we provide

Adult drug and alcohol
Friends and family


Appointments with service users take place in the family home or in the local community.

  • Referrals for the Families Plus Service can be made by social workers, addiction workers, health visitors, midwives, GPs, or any other agencies supporting vulnerable women and families.  Women can also refer themselves.
  • Referral forms are available on request to other professionals, however a phonecall with name, address and number is sufficient. 
  • Appointments outwith the times below can be arranged - just give us a call.

What we offer

Working with families affected by drug and alcohol misuse, we have clear and focused objectives:

  • Healthier babies
  • Children are safer
  • Parents making positive steps to addressing substance misuse and improved health and wellbeing of families. 

Experienced family project workers provide intensive support to pregnant women and families with children under 8 who are affected by parental substance misuse.  Working together with the whole family our support is directed by the wishes and aspirations of the family members and focused on a sustainable, realistic recovery journey.  Every family we support has an individual recovery plan specific to their needs with practical interventions identified to allow them to move forward and make positive choices for themselves and their families.

We work in close partnership with all relevant agencies within East Dunbartonshire and have received positive feedback regarding our work with families since the development of the service.

    Volunteering opportunities

    There are a number of volunteering opportunities in East Dunbartonshire and Family Plus service users will be directed towards these on completion of their Recovery Plan.



    Mon - Fri:

    “Families Plus is now firmly established within the service provision in East Dunbartonshire and relationships have developed with partner agencies that have proved extremely beneficial and allowed us to have clear referral pathways and easier joint working arrangements.  The service users we support benefit from skilled and experienced staff who will work with them to improve their resilience and well-being resulting in healthier, happier families.”


    You were there for me in times of crisis and most services are not there at these times.”

    Service user