East Ayrshire Recovery Service

Services we provide

Adult drug and alcohol


  • IT equipment
  • Open evenings & weekends
  • Tea & coffee

How to find us

  • The main exit/entrance to the concourse of the bus station is approximately 100 yards from the service door in the pedestrian precinct. 
  • The building has a large green dome and is a former bank building; it is easily spotted on the walk downhill from the railway station which is around 700 yards away. 
  • There are a number of car parks very close by. The multistorey exits onto the Foregate which is within 50 yards of the service entrance (which has a security entry system). 
  • The Burns Shopping Mall is only 20 yards from the building, with a large monument standing in the space between the building and the Mall.

What we offer

East Ayrshire Recovery Service has its base in the basement of Kilmarck station. A lot of the service's work is done as outreach to people in rural corners of East Ayrshire, but the service building itself is a hub of activity due in no small part to the busy recovery group (service users, ex-service users and other individuals in recovery).  This group has a timetable of structured activities which the management committee keeps tabs on. The service also opens its doors to other partners/agencies for meetings with their patients/clients, due to its town centre location and easy access to public transport. 

We provide free and confidential drug and alcohol support across East Ayrshire offering: 

  • Drop-in advice and information
  • Telephone advice and information
  • Safer injecting guidance
  • Blood borne virus screening and vaccination
  • Assessments
  • One-to-one support
  • Group based support
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recovery activities
  • Links with other relevant services

Volunteering opportunities

There are opportunities for interested individuals to volunteer with The Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust (a nearby social enterprise). Three members of our staff are trustees. The trust runs the station community village, which has a gift shop stocked with arts and crafts by local folk and schoolchildren, plus other outlets including a second hand bookshop, a coffee shop and a cycle hire travel hub. Some of the recovery group activities now take place in the station village.


Wed - Fri:

“Ours can be a noisy service with the activity generated by the Recovery Group, busy caseload review clinics by partners, drop-ins etc, running alongside delivery of recovery service. However, there’s always a warm welcome, a hot drink and a quiet space for you. If our service doesn’t fit your needs, we can help link you with one that can. We can also provide opportunities for volunteering and we welcome student placements.”


“If you’re looking for a helping hand to guide you in the right direction, the team at Addaction are brilliant at what they do.”

Service user