Breaking the Cycle - North Somerset

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Friends and family


How to find us

The service works on an outreach basis, visiting families in their own homes.

What we offer

Breaking the Cycle (BtC) supports and empowers whole families where parents or carers experience substance misuse and have responsibility for children under the age of 18 years. Families engage voluntarily with BtC to focus on:

  • Reducing harmful behaviours
  • Prioritising children’s healthy development to ensure they are able to thrive
  • Building family resilience

Using a holistic approach to support sustained recovery from substance misuse and family stability are key focuses for the service, with an overarching aim to successfully break the transgenerational cycle of substance misuse. All interventions are collaborative and generally take place within family homes.

BtC is externally evaluated and is able to evidence a range of positive short and long term outcomes for families.

"We offer a number of programmes to support families  including joint working with a Specialist Midwife at Children’s Centres, Family Relationships courses and the Moving Forward programme to help families communicate better."   


“My worker really supported me to get housing and to have a new start with my children and new baby.  It seemed impossible at first but with her help I am now abstinent and have hope for the future.”

Service user