Breaking the Cycle - Bournemouth

Services we provide

Adult drug and alcohol
Friends and family
Young persons


  • Open evenings & weekends

How to find the service

The service is located in the main thoroughfare from the area known as  Lansdowne to  Bournemouth town centre

There is a post box outside the building and parking meter also, there is usually a addction flag which is situated outside the service front door.

What we offer

The service works with parents whose substance misuse is having an adverse and detrimental effect on children and the wider family.  The service offers one:one support over a period of time which can range from 12 weeks to over  9 months, we are aware that change takes time we need to believe that the changes will come directly from the parent.

We work in partnership with other providers and ensure that the safety of the child is at the centre of what we do. 

"This service has worked  with many parents  who have  really worked hard to make the changes necessary to build the relationship with their children and family the difference is remarkable and proves that through the right interventions  and installing belief change is possible."     


"Thank you very much for all your time, hard work and for helping me with all that you have, warm wishes PR"

Service user