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We do not provide services to clients in our office. For this service all our work is outreach/community based.

The Big Lottery fund has invested up to £112 million as part of their Fulfilling Lives programme to help people with multiple complex needs. In early 2014 Blackpool was awarded with £10 million to set up the Fulfilling Lives service in the town to help people who are experiencing homelessness, reoffending, problematic substance misuse and mental ill health. A new major partnership initiative, with Addaction as the lead organisation, was also set up helping to bring together a wide range of voluntary sector and statutory organisations from across Blackpool to help develop and change the way services interact and provide support to people who are living chaotic lifestyles.

Our teams engage people with multiple needs and help them to access services and recognise the challenging and difficult experiences they face, working with people on an individual basis, tailoring our support to the needs of each person. We do not provide treatment but help provide a link between services and the client to ensure they are supported. Once people are stabilised, we help them to realise their goals and aspirations, whether it is reconnecting with their family, developing new skills and interests or taking up educational, volunteering or paid employment opportunities

The vision is that by the end of this project people with multiple needs will: be healthier and happier; receive better coordinated support and have access to effective recovery support and improved reintegration back in to the community.

12 new volunteers have been recruited and are going through a 12 week induction programme, shadowing workers and taking an active part in our work with beneficiaries.

Volunteers help support the teams to see more beneficiaries and increases capacity at key times during the week. The induction also acts as a filter and will help support the volunteers who may not be suitable for this.

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"Our aim is to achieve reductions in crime, misuse of alcohol and drugs, homelessness and mental health issues within this client group, resulting in a positive impact on local communities across Blackpool. We have placed considerable emphasis on the involvement of ex-service users (people who previously had chaotic lifestyles caused by problems with alcohol, drugs, offending behaviour, homelessness and mental health issues) in the design and delivery of this programme. These ‘ex-service users’ will be using their skills, knowledge and experience to identify, engage with and support people currently living chaotic lives."


"I was in such a black hole and feeling suicidal. Then Blackpool Fulfilling Lives helped me open up and share my problems."

Service user