Addaction Sheffield - DIP Service

Services we provide

Adult drug and alcohol


  • Tea & coffee

How to find us

The Addaction DIP Service is approximately a 5 minutes walk from Sheffield’s main train station and is located next door to Sheffield Health and Social Care None-Opiate Service (START). 

What we offer

Addaction DIP is commissioned and funded by the Public Health Department and was introduced in order to use the criminal justice system as a means to enable offenders to address their drug misuse. The programme facilitates treatment and provides a service for all adults either completing a statutory order or engaging on a voluntary basis. We offer Mutual Aid Groups (MAP) including Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and a weekly Art Group. We are open until 7:00pm on Thursdays for appointments and drop-in services.

We also offer Acupuncture, fishing (seasonally) and a Right Turn group for veterans running on Friday mornings 10:00am -12:00pm, from 31st of March 2017. 

  • Mon – 1:00-4:00pm Art Group
  • Wed – 1:45-4:00pm Momentum – a semi-structured support group rolling 12 week program
  • Thu - 7:00pm late opening - for appointments or drop-in
  • Fri – 1:00-3:00pm Tea and Toast – relaxed drop in with games, food, magazines and more. 


Mon - Wed:

"We aim to prevent and deal with problems in communities by reducing drug-related offending behaviour and engaging people in treatment. We invest in a skilled and motivated workforce who work alongside volunteers and recovery champions in close partnership with Police, Probation, Prisons and Treatment services. We track and work with individuals who have tested positive for opiates or cocaine through the criminal justice system with the aim of preparing and supporting service users to access and remain in treatment.  We offer wrap around support including outreach, prison in reach and gate pick ups for those released from custody. We have weekly activity and leisure groups to complement the one to one structured drug work sessions."

Service Manager

"This service really makes a difference towards my daily routine. It's given me support in many different ways. I’ve overcome many problems myself and still kept drug free and not got into any more trouble. The staff have been really helpful towards me.”

Service user

“DIP gives me structure to my days and motivations to get clean and sober. It’s a place to meet people and engage in the support available.”

Service user