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Addaction NE Lincs provides a full range of help for people experiencing problems with their drug or alcohol use, from harm reduction via active treatment and through to detoxification and rehabilitation. Above all, we want to support people towards recovery.Call us, email us or drop in to speak to someone.

We believe that recovery from dependence on drugs or alcohol is possible for everyone. All our efforts are directed towards assisting and enabling people to become free of their dependence and to lead productive, fulfilled lives.

Recovery is a process, not a single event. It may take time to achieve and effort to maintain. The process and the time taken will vary from person to person. It is an individual journey.

Sustained recovery will only be achieved by choice. It cannot be forced upon someone who does not want it. They have to be responsible for their own recovery and to take control of the process.

Recovery requires control over substance use. For most people this means total abstinence. For many the recovery journey may include a period of prescribed medication to assist them to work towards abstinence.

Recovery seeks to achieve physical and mental good health, as well as a positive social and family environment. It encourages full participation in the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. It is about inclusion, not exclusion.

Recovery is about people using the strengths they already have and acquiring new ones to help along the way. It is about positivity, not negativity.

Above all, recovery is about hope and aspiration for a better future. It is about the belief that individuals can change the way they live their lives.

At Addaction we work with people to identify what they want to change and what they have to do in order to make those changes. We help them to develop a plan for recovery and we follow it through with them. It is their recovery journey but we accompany them on the way until they choose to leave us behind.

How to find the service

The service is on the corner of Church St and Freeman St, opposite Wilko. Buses number 3 and 9 stop very close by - ask for Church St stop.

Information about volunteering

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