World Mental Health Day: Thinkaction launches new website

Thinkaction is launching a new website today - World Mental Health Day - as part of activities to support more local people to overcome stigma and find support. The new website is aimed at getting more people to know where they can go and who they can turn to for help when experiencing mental health challenges.

Thinkaction contract manager, Hannah Pidsley, said: “One in four people experience a mental health issue each year, yet stigma is unfortunately the number one barrier for people to access support. We all know what to do when we have a broken leg; we want to make sure people know what to do when something like depression or anxiety takes hold.”

Thinkaction provides free and confidential support to people who may be experiencing issues such as stress, worry, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), PTSD or depression.

Hannah added: “It’s vital to remind people that many of us need support whether we’re young or old, male or female, rich or poor. Life events such as illness, retirement, work or separation can trigger issues, and sometimes there isn’t one particular thing. We know that telling someone how you feel can be the hardest conversation of all; we’re here to listen.”

Graphic which reads: 'telling someone how you feel can be the hardest conversation of all'

In the last year, Thinkaction received 19,705 referrals and 12,778 people entered treatment, with 95-100% of clients asked saying they had a positive experience with the service.

The website shows locations for Thinkaction’s friendly team of professionals, who are based around Surrey and Kent. Via the new site you can also look at the types of help on offer including counselling, couple’s therapy, groups for anger management or coping with depression. There’s also a special group for new mums experiencing depression or anxiety, and support for families and friends.

Holly, who has used the service, said: “I just felt really hopeless, everything had gone wrong, my marriage had collapsed and I didn’t have a job. I really couldn’t see how things were going to get better. “It was a real breakthrough for me and the stuff I learned was incredible. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. The techniques I learned to cope with everything were amazing. We worked out I have quite entrenched thoughts about the way I see myself and CBT actually helped me unpick that. I still use the CBT techniques now.”

The website also offers BrowseAloud – a screen reader which reads out the website text, to help people access it who have reading difficulties.

As part of the launch, Thinkaction staff will be taking to the main shopping streets and handing out leaflets, or leaving leaflets for pick up in local cafes and shops.

To find out more, you can visit the website at There are also Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will be promoting the support available as well as tips to look after your wellbeing.

Infographic with the Thinkaction phone number 0300 012 0012