Proud project worker praised at parliament

Close-up photo of two smiling faces - Nicola Sturgeon on the left, Rod Anderson on the right. Nicola is wearing a red suit jacket with a white rose in her lapel, Rod has dark glasses and a grey suit

Project Worker Rod Anderson, from Borders recovery service, proudly took part in the Scottish Parliament’s day of celebrations on this month after being named a Local Hero. Rod was nominated by MSP Christine Grahame when he was put forward by someone from Serendipity Recovery Café – the small charity that Rod set up with Addaction. The event saw Rod and his service supporters travel to Edinburgh for his moment of glory!

The first time Rod himself came in contact with Addaction Scotland was six years ago, when his alcohol addiction meant things had to change for him and his family. He’s now a full-time project worker who’s determined to get others on the road to recovery.

Rod said, “I’m so honoured to be given this award. Ultimately, I just want to give back to Addaction what it has given to me. Recovery can and will happen with Addaction - across Scotland - and I am proof of that.

“Addaction has been 100% behind me in setting up Serendipity Recovery Cafe (for people in recovery). It was peer support like this that made my own recovery sustainable. I had a brilliant project worker who encouraged me to attend groups, so the idea for the cafe took hold there. We’ve built it up to be a great success.”

Director of Operations for Addaction Scotland Andrew Horne added, “Well done Rod! It is so rewarding, for everyone connected with Addaction, to see people thrive in their recovery and be so committed to giving something back to the charity and the community. Rod’s recovery, and people like him all over Scotland, are the reason that we exist.”

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Photograph of seven smiling men and women in front of an Addaction pinboard which reads 'recovery'. The two central figures - Rod Anderson and Christine Grahame MSP are shaking hands