Leigh recovery community explores addiction through dance

Image of outstretched white hands in a dark room, under a bright light

The Wigan & Leigh Recovery Partnership has been collaborating with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre on a brand new creative project for people in recovery. Expression Leigh is a weekly movement and arts workshop exploring creativity and the issues that affect people who are in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse.

With help from the professional dance company Fallen Angels, the group have been using music, writing and art as a way to share personal experiences. Leigh’s recovery community have been exploring recovery and finding common ground among the group’s life stories.

Funded by Inspiring Healthy Lives, with support from Turnpike and Trust in Leigh, the project enables people in recovery to support each other, improving self-esteem and confidence while reducing social isolation.

Paul Bayes Kitcher from Fallen Angels said: “If I was to say to people ‘you're dancing’ I would clear the room! [So] we start by exploring people’s stories of recovery and addiction, then see how that can be expressed through movement. I would describe it more like drama, and tai chi; it’s an opportunity for people to express themselves without having to talk about it, it can be very therapeutic.”

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre aims to break down barriers through creativity and self-expression.

The free drop-in workshops run until 19th July at the Turnpike in Leigh. Contact John Settle John Settle J.Settle@addaction.org.uk for further information.