How is Addaction doing? Get all the year’s highlights in one place.

Addaction Annual Report 2016-17

Did you know we supported 75,000 people in our services last year with our 1,661 staff members? Or that our 810 volunteers contributed a massive 243,000 hours of their time?

What’s more, during 2016-17 our mental health services exceeded the national target by achieving a moving to recovery rate above 50%, and 95-100% of our clients provided positive feedback on our patient experience questionnaire.

All these interesting and insightful facts can be found in Addaction’s Annual Report for 2016-17, along with many more – including that 93% of women return to work for us after maternity leave as we’re able to support adjustments to working hours.

The Annual Report covers a year of change and growth for Addaction. You can read about the broader range of services, how we’re supporting staff and how we’re working to spark a better future for people to be well and healthy.