Addaction Scotland welcomes government funding boost

Group of people smiling in front of an Addaction Scotland banner

Addaction - Scotland’s biggest drug/alcohol treatment and recovery charity – has been awarded £47,500 by the Scottish Government.

The new funding boost, for the charity’s frontline work with individuals and families across Scotland, is from the Scottish Government’s grants scheme for voluntary organisations in social and community care.

Director of Addaction Scotland Andrew Horne welcomed the funding, saying: “Addaction Scotland is delighted to receive this award, as we’re eager to improve access to services…and this will really help us do that.

“Over the coming financial year we will work with other agencies (and the people we support) to see how we can work smarter, operate out-of-hours and make contact with hard-to-reach groups – which is one of our biggest challenges.”

Minister for Public Health Aileen Campbell commented: “I’m pleased to announce this latest round of funding for organisations which play such a crucial role in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. The work they do spans a range of issues but all of them make a huge difference in helping us build a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Scotland.”

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