Addaction responds to the ‘alcohol pilot’ in Glasgow

A pilot ‘alcohol court’ project is to be established in Glasgow, Scotland. The pilot will apply to people who appear in the sherriff summary courts on charges including violence or dishonesty; public order offences; or drink driving offences. The pilot will be used where alcohol is considered to be a major factor in the offence.

Andrew Horne, Director of Addaction in Scotland, said: “We fully support a new specialised alcohol court in the city. We believe that structured intervention can divert people from the criminal justice system towards the help they need. In addition, the court will monitor their recovery progress which can fuel people’s efforts to turn their lives around.”

Andrew added: “One of our key aims at Addaction is to make substance misuse a health matter and not a criminal one. Giving people the support they need to break the cycle and consequently make lasting changes in Scotland’s drug and alcohol landscape, is better than the revolving door of the prison system. Financial constraints make it difficult for organisations like Addaction to support as many people as we’d like to, so new projects like this one will further our impact.”