Addaction awarded a five-year contract in Wigan

Wigan and Leigh’s drug and alcohol service for adults has been retained by Addaction for a further three years and we’ve been successful in gaining the young people’s service and clinical work.

The new integrated adults and young people service will launch on April 1 and is worth £3.57m. Professor Kate Ardern, director for public health at Wigan Council said: “This is an exciting new partnership, which will build on the existing successes of our current drug and alcohol recovery programme and will put a larger focus on early help, prevention and self-reliance.” The current main bases in Wigan (Coops) and Leigh (Kennedy House) will remain and there will be dedicated officers in each of the seven service delivery footprint areas who will work within the community to understand residents’ needs. 

Siobhan Peters, service manager at Addaction said: “Although we have a thorough understanding of the borough’s needs as a result of our work within the current service delivery model, we are keen to deepen this understanding through our community orientated approach.”