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Drink Wise Age Well

Drink Wise Age Well is a campaign designed to help us make healthier choices about our drinking as we get older.

Research shows that older people are over-drinking and often at home on their own, and the result is that hospital admissions for alcohol-related conditions have more than doubled in less than a decade. Drink Wise Age Well aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by over-drinking amongst people as they get older by: sharing information, providing support and offering advice on how to make healthier choices.

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Mind and Body programme

Mind and Body is an innovative programme for young people who self harm, or are deemed vulnerable to self harming behaviours. The Mind and Body programme is mainly run within secondary schools, and participants benefit from a series of interactive group sessions which encourage open discussion about mental health and related issues.

These groups are a safe place to talk about topics which are often stigmatised. Talking through these issues helps reduce feelings of isolation and allows individuals to explore more positive ways of managing their thoughts and behaviours.

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Right turn

Our Right Turn programme provides specialist support for veterans with substance misuse issues and acknowledges the specific experiences of people in the armed forces community. Specially trained Addaction staff provide tailored support alongside veterans who have trained as Recovery Champions to help others through their recovery journey. 

Armed Forces Covenant