Friends and family

Improving the quality of family life and relationships is at the heart of all of Addaction’s services. If a loved one has problems with drugs or alcohol or is experiencing mental health difficulties then we are here for you.

About one in five of us have a family member with a drug or alcohol problem. As well as causing us major concern, it can also have a negative impact on our family's health, wellbeing, finances, social lives and relationships with others.

We know how difficult that can be. So we run a number of specialist services aimed specifically at families and carers that help them to understand and cope with a loved one's addiction. We also know that if families get support in their own right, it is more likely that the people they care about will beat their problems.

Our specialist Breaking the Cycle service offers support to friends and families in locations across the UK. Use the service finder to search for your nearest Breaking the Cycle service.