What to expect when you come to Addaction

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, Addaction is here for you.

We provide specialised, evidence-based and confidential support. The help we give you will depend on whether it is alcohol or drugs you are struggling with, but we know that with the right support anyone can reach recovery. Our keyworkers are compassionate and non-judgemental, and can talk to you about your drinking or your substance use, how to reduce the harmful effects, and what you want to achieve.

We won't judge you and will work at a pace you are comfortable with, helping you to reduce your use before finding a way to stop altogether.

Our main priority is to build a strong relationship between you and your worker. They will use a number of approaches - from cognitive behavioural therapy to prescribing medication, should you need it - to give you the support you need and deserve.

We know that recovery is holistic. Our services can offer advice and support with a range of other things which may be going on in your life such as employment, housing, debt or family relationships. We can also support your family and friends.

Our support means that you don’t have to stay in a residential rehab centre (although we can offer that, too). Instead, you can get all of the support and advice you need while remaining part of your local community.