Right Turn

Serving in our armed forces can be incredibly demanding. Alongside the physical toll, it can have a huge emotional impact on our servicemen and women. Sadly, some of them go on to develop problems with stress, depression, feelings of being isolated from their families and problems with alcohol or drugs.

That’s why Addaction is working hard to offer support that understands the concerns and experiences of people who have served in the Army, Navy or Air Force. We’re determined to support their families too.

Our Right Turn programme provides specialist support for veterans with substance misuse issues and acknowledges the specific experiences of people in the armed forces community. Specially trained Addaction staff provide tailored support alongside veterans who have trained as Recovery Champions to help others through their recovery journey. These Recovery Champions are an inspiration – proving to people who have lost hope that they too can recover and rebuild their lives.

Right Turn is available in 20 locations across the UK. The programme is being evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University and is funded by HEINEKEN and the Forces in Mind Trust.