Drink Wise Age Well

Drink Wise Age Well is a campaign designed to help us make healthier choices about our drinking as we get older.

We tend to think that problem drinking is an issue for the young. We now know that this is a far bigger issue for people as they get older. Life transitions such as retirement, bereavement, and isolation can be triggers to over-drinking. Research shows that older people are over-drinking and often at home on their own, and the result is that hospital admissions for alcohol-related conditions have more than doubled in less than a decade. Drink Wise Age Well aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by over-drinking amongst people as they get older by: sharing information, providing support and offering advice on how to make healthier choices. By slightly reducing the amount we drink, we are already starting to make healthier choices. If you can’t do that, it shows that you might need help. You can call the help lines in any of our 5 areas in the UK:

  • Sheffield: 0800 032 3723
  • Devon: 0800 304 7034
  • Glasgow: 0800 304 7690
  • Cwm Taf, Wales: 0800 161 5780
  • Western Trust area (Counties Derry, Fermanagh and Tyrone) in Northern Ireland:
    • Omagh               02882 839240
    • Derry                  02871 160236
    • Enniskillen        02866 381714

For more information about Drink Wise Age Well and for useful tips and advice about alcohol, visit the Drink Wise Age Well website.