Sandra Howard's Circle

Join Sandra Howards' Circle and give people with addiction and mental health problems the chance of a new fresh start in their lives.

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Sandra Howard's Circle is a recognition group open to supporters with annual giving of £200 or more. 

Sandra Howard, one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s, freelance journalist and best-selling novel writer, is an ardent benevolent and joined Addaction as Trustee and supporter in 1997. As patron of this philanthropic community, she invites you to join this group of our most dedicated and generous supporters with an annual gift of £200 or more, highly contributing to transform people's lives and futures for the better.

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As a member of Sandra Howards' Circle, you will have the opportunity to connect with Addaction experts and experience first-hand the impact of your support. Communications and access to Addaction will offer an engaging and unique way to learn how your donation transforms lives. Members will receive special recognition in Addaction publications. At increasing levels of membership, you will participate in opportunities to connect with fellow donors and participate in Addaction exclusive events and special communications.

Sandra Howard

Sandra's testimony

Helping people, often in desperate situations, struggling with addiction and poor mental health is vitally important and something that Addaction has championed for nearly 50 years.  I’ve had the privilege of meeting families, young people and veterans of the armed forces who have struggled with alcohol problems and mental health issues and with their own determination and Addaction’s support, have recovered, secured employment, been reunited with their loved ones and got their lives back on track.  

I hope you’ll join me in helping to save more lives and bring hope to families desperately wanting their loved ones to recover and be well again.