Together we change lives

Your donation will help us give people, families and communities hope and their lives back through professional and bespoke services, all while paving the way for new recovery programmes so that more and more people can lift themselves out of the misery and hardship caused by alcohol and drug misuse.

How your money is spent

  • Just £3 will enable us to answer a concerned individual’s phone call and give initial advice, starting them on their road to recovery.
  • £10 enables us to screen three people for potentially deadly viruses, such as Hepatitis B.
  • £50 could fund a home visit to an elderly person who is isolated and in need of support.
  • Approximately £200 can pay for us to provide secondary school pupils at risk of substance misuse with a specialist six-week programme.

For every pound you donate to Addaction, 91 pence is spent directly on providing services and support to people with a drug or alcohol problem.

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