Adult drug and alcohol services

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If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, Addaction is here for you.

We give support and advice to adults who are experiencing problems related to their own or someone else’s drug or alcohol use. We provide specialist interventions to help prevent and reduce the harmful use of drugs and alcohol, and help people to achieve recovery. We also offer support to family and friends and provide a specialist Breaking the Cycle service in locations across the UK.

The help we give you will depend on whether it is alcohol or drugs you are struggling with (and of course, what kind of drug). Our main priority is to build a strong relationship between you and one of our workers and they will be able to use a number of approaches - from cognitive therapy to prescribing medication, should you need it - to give you the support you both need and deserve. This treatment may last for different periods of time, depending on your situation. But for many of the people helped by Addaction, treatment is a long-term process that requires multiple interventions. This means that your own programme could last for six months if not more - but don't worry, the help we give you will be designed to fit in around all of your other commitments.

Our support also doesn't mean that you have to stay in a residential rehab centre (although we can offer that, too). Instead, you can get all of the support and advice you need while remaining part of your local community. We can also help you with other issues you may be struggling with, such as employment, housing, debt or family relationships.

Our ultimate aim is for you to be able to stop using the substance that is causing you problems altogether, but we fully understand that this can be a complicated process. We won't judge you and will work at a pace you are comfortable with, helping you to reduce your use before finding a way to stop altogether.

We support the NICE Quality Standard for Drug Misuse Prevention.

We contributed to and support the 2018 Alcohol Charter developed by the Drugs, Alcohol and Justice Cross Party Parliamentary Group and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Harm.