Virgin Money London Marathon

Thank you for an amazing 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon. You have made us very proud overcoming huge personal challenges to take part in this tough event for Addaction. We had a sensational Marathon day, raised vital funds for our work and made some wonderful friends with those running or supporting from the side lines throughout the build-up.
photograph of a smiling middle aged woman with dark hair and a baseball cap, wearing an Addaction-branded purple running vest. She has both hands up to wave and is smiling broadly

We were thrilled by your tenacity, creative ideas and enthusiasm for our cause - one which many of you know about through personal heart breaking experiences. But as you showed by completing this challenge, recovery brings freedom - to strive for great things and achieve what you did not think was possible.

picture of a blonde middle-aged woman smiling and holding her medal. Her husband is hugging her around the shoulders

We are looking forward to the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 and are starting to plan the build up for the big day on 23rd of April 2017.

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What you get by being part of Team Addaction:

  • We’ll send you an Addaction running vest;
  • You’ll receive support before, during and after your run including regular runner newsletters;
  • The money you raise will help us turn around thousands of lives devastated by addiction and mental heath problems;
  • You will have a chance to attend a post Marathon reception, receive a much needed massage and get something to eat.

Thank you and here is to another inspirational Virgin Money London Marathon in 2017!

Picture of a young Asian woman in an Addaction running vest smiling and holding her marathon medal
Photograph of a man running the London Marathon wearing an Addaction-branded purple running vest
Photograph of two smiling supporters wearing Addaction t-shirts. One is holding a large foam 'thumbs up' hand