Sharon's story

“Gary had a good job. His friends went off in different directions and, for some reason, he went down the route of taking drugs."

"We agreed not to make too much fuss, because it was probably just a bit of pot. We had no idea he was taking heroin.

My world was devastated. Gary’s dad and I sat him down and got him to look at the situation. Gary said he wanted to change and it was his idea to go cold turkey. 

We stayed with him the whole time and made sure he had a new mobile phone with no contact to his previous life. Gary stayed clean for 18 months, until he met up with a friend who had just come out of prison. That’s when the trouble really started to happen. 

His dad kicked him out for stealing. I had other children I had to think about. I had to say I was here for him, but he wasn’t welcome to the house. In three months he was on the streets. I had nightmares all the time worrying about what would happen.  

The turning point came when he got a place at Addaction Chy. I went in to family sessions. It was fantastic to be with people experiencing the same things. People who I could talk to and not feel ashamed or judged. 

For Gary, it was important that I was taking steps to support him by finding out about his addiction and recovery rather than telling him what to do.

I left the sessions feeling not just more informed, but a stronger person. I feel really proud that Gary’s completed this process. I’m here to support him, and Addaction Chy helped me to be there, but it’s Gary who’s done the work."