Rod’s Story

Rod’s first contact with Addaction Scotland was six years ago when his alcohol addiction meant things had to change for him and his family. Fast-forward to the present day and he’s now a full-time Addaction project worker who’s determined to help others on the road to recovery.
black and white close up of a man in his fifties with short white hair and dark glasses

“I used to work in a difficult and high pressured job. My employer knew about my problem and knew I was using alcohol while working. I was offered private hospital care but I was in denial. I said I could sort it myself…but I couldn’t.

“I met with Addaction in 2010 and took two weeks off work to start my recovery. This included a confidential five-day detox at home, with nurses and medicines, then a week’s cooling off. I returned to work the following week to be told I was sacked. The evidence was there. There was nothing I could do.

“Addaction was there for me the whole time. And eventually, after a hospital admission, another detox, relapses, another job dismissal, an alternative career and an attempt at ‘safe drinking’, the penny dropped and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I now have a life beyond my wildest dreams. In 2014 I became a recovery champion for Addaction Scotland, doing voluntary work to help others like me. Then, on my second ‘recovery anniversary’, I became a full-time project worker. My own project worker is now one of my colleagues.

“It’s best thing that could have happened to me. Other people’s struggles are a constant reminder of why I’m here. I can show them the way and give them hope - as my journey proves it’s all fixable. I want to build a recovery community that gets bigger and stronger all the time.”