Mark's story

“At 46 years of age I had no real idea of how to live my new found life. I knew from the previous six relapses that boredom was a major factor and things had to be different this time."

"RE:SOURCE gave me that structure and I learned new skills. I learnt how to use power tools working in the electrical testing workshop, repairing washing machines and then cookers.

I gained confidence, was given a bit of responsibility and I loved it – all the time within the safety net of RE:SOURCE. I felt I was able to move on to do something I really wanted to do, which was volunteer at Addaction Life Skills.

Life Skills provides opportunities to explore different avenues to move away from addiction. That may be through learning to use a computer, further education, voluntary work or simply a cup of coffee and a bit of positivity and a chat. What I didn’t realise was how my personal development would move forward so far in such a relevantly short period of time."

Mark now tutors at Life Skills, has qualifications and received two awards from Cornwall County Council.

"My addictions took away all my hopes, dreams and aspirations. However, finding recovery and my involvement with Addaction is giving them back to me as I realise I have potential. I know a lot of the clients from my past. Encouraging them to never give up really gives me a buzz. My message is always that it doesn’t have to be the end. I didn’t think I was treatable, but I was wrong.”