Kenny's Story

Kenny’s alcohol issues turned everything on its head - including his career and his relationship with his girlfriend of over 10 years. Now he’s come out the other side, he’s determined to make Addaction Glasgow work for other people in the way it worked for him.
photograph of a white man in his 40s with slightly punky hair. He is wearing a white t-shirt and looking into the camera with his head cocked to one side

“I was a chef for years and was working long and stressful hours. I decided things would get easier for me if I switched to a ‘normal’ office job. I worked in banking for a few years but my heart wasn’t in it.

“My drinking came to a head five or six years ago. I’d been with my girlfriend of 11 years and the chaos of my life brought that to an end.

“When I first heard of Addaction and met Patrick (now the service manager in South Ayrshire) it was a great relief. His help was marvellous.

“I got sober…but I didn’t stay sober. It’s a long road when you’re dealing with addictions; it doesn’t always work out on the first attempt. When I went looking for help again, I met Fiona from Addaction and this time something stuck.

“After my first year of sobriety, I began an Open University degree in psychology and counselling. That was my first step towards learning to give something back. I’m now doing a SVQ in Health and Social Care and I’m working at Addaction’s service in Glasgow.

“I don’t have many ties to my life before all this. My relatives just think my life now is the way it should have been long ago. However I understand what addiction is, in a way that only someone who has experienced it can. That’s something I hope will make my work with Addaction Scotland stronger for people who are still struggling. Recovery happens…but it’s much harder without help”.