What I like best about my job is definitely the versatility. From opening the post and answering the telephone right through to finance management and health and safety, my job can be anything and everything in between. It’s a very busy role! I work with incredible people who are friendly, warm and look after each other as a team.

The clients we see are amazing and they’re what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. The way I behave directly impacts the clients so I have to constantly keep that in mind. Just being there as a friendly face, knowing that I’m ethical and trustworthy, is incredibly important to them. We never judge the people here and our main objective is to help. I came to Addaction after working for a sports company for a number of years. I was looking for a role that would challenge me and, despite not having a background working in the field of substance abuse, I decided to apply for the role. I was so happy when it was offered to me and I absolutely love the job! What gives me pride working for Addaction is that we’re all aiming towards the same common goal, which is to treat every person as an individual and enable them to progress in life.