Christina's story

"I started smoking cannabis when I was 16. At first it was tens a day, which turned into eighths a day, then tens AND eighths. Whatever money I made in a week, it all went on weed."

"My behaviour started to change and the people around me noticed. I’ve always been short tempered, but smoking weed made me aggressive and no one could calm me down. If someone was in my way, even if it was a police officer, I would just go switch, end of. I just didn’t care.

I realised I had a problem and I wanted to help myself, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Addaction that things started to change for me. I spoke to a keyworker and then a week after that I went to a cannabis group. I still go to it now.

The group helps me to understand what I’m doing, and the effects it has on me, but it also lets me talk about my situation to people. Things have happened in my life that have made me carry on smoking, like my mum passing away.  Everyone in that room is in the same boat as me, they know what it’s like and what I’m going through, and it feels good that no one judges you.

Right now I’m good. I’m in a good place and I’m not smoking anymore. It’s hard at times, especially like the habit of rolling a spliff. Right now my focus is on my football. Football is my passion – it always has been – but smoking side-tracked me for a few years."