Staying safe at festivals

  • Beware of dehydration – try and keep cool and drink enough water
  • If you are drinking alcohol try to avoid having too much – it’s easy to get carried away and you don’t want to miss your favourite band!
  • The safest thing to do is not take drugs at all, but if you do decide to take drugs there are some ways you can reduce the risks
  • Avoid mixing substances (including alcohol) – this can be really risky as it becomes harder to control the experience
  • Don’t buy substances from people you don’t know, as you have little idea of what you are getting – it is asking to get ripped off or worse
  • Remember that drug laws still apply at festivals and the police might be there. Security staff work closely with the police.
  • Be cautious about how much of a substance you use – don’t overdo it
  • Taking drugs in an unfamiliar or crowded place is risky as you could end up feeling stressed or lost – stay with people you trust and look after each other
  • Avoid smoking in tents to reduce the risk of accidental fires or burns
  • Remember, be careful around new psychoactive substances: they aren’t legal and they may not be safe.
  • Try and stay out of trouble – “it’s nice to be nice”

Practical tips for festivals

  • Pack appropriate clothing and footwear. Expect the unexpected – baby wipes, torch, ear plugs, carrier bags, sun cream and ponchos can become essentials
  • Charge your phone before you go
  • Keep friends close and arrange meeting points in case you get separated
  • Make sure you know where your tent is – use landmarks to help you locate this and places like the medical centre
  • Ear plugs can help you to get some sleep so you can re-charge your batteries
  • Take care in the sun – apply sun cream regularly
  • Using condoms can protect against unplanned pregnancies and STIs – be aware that oil-based products (such as sun cream/hand gel/wet wipes) can damage condoms and cause them to split