Sparking a better future

We all want to be well and healthy, but the system isn't working for everyone. Addaction finds way for people to thrive. Together, we change lives. 

We need a new direction 

In our 50 years, we’ve learnt an enormous amount about people. We’ve learnt that everybody is hugely important. Whether that’s the people who use our services, volunteers, peer mentors, funders or staff members – we’re all interested in being as healthy and as well as we can possibly be.

We’ve learnt that you can’t look at people one dimensionally, only caring for their drug use or their alcohol use or their mental health issues. People are capable of making the most amazing changes to their lives, but many can only do so if they get support with a whole range of issues at the same time.

We’ve learnt, sadly, that for many people the system just isn’t good enough. The system through which services are funded and delivered doesn’t work for everyone equally. People can struggle to get access to all the support they need. That needs to change.

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