Breaking the Cycle

Between one and two million children in the UK are living with families where at least one parent has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Growing up in this situation means children are much more likely to develop their own problems with substance misuse as adults. 

We know that most parents or carers with drug or alcohol problems want to change. But we also know how difficult it can be to seek support. Wondering what to do, and whether you are doing the right thing, can often feel like an impossible task. But Addaction is here to support you, through Breaking the Cycle: our family-centred support service.

Breaking the Cycle provides an individually designed care package, which takes into account the needs of the whole family. Our workers are non-judgemental and always put children’s safety first. We concentrate on building trusting, open relationships, so families feel able to talk honestly about their problems. Now in its 10th year of consistently impressive results, we are now expanding Breaking the Cycle across the UK.

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