My service is moving to Addaction

Why do providers change?

Drug and alcohol services are funded by public health and local authorities. These services can be put out to ‘tender’ so that other providers can submit an offer to deliver the service in a more effective or efficient way. Once the tender process has been completed, the new provider will be announced, and the contract will transfer on a specific date.

Normally, there is a period of time between the announcement and the start of the new service so that providers can meet with staff, service users and other local people with an interest in the services to let them know about potential changes.

Staff and volunteers joining Addaction

We want you to feel welcome and part of Addaction from day one. We know that people react to and approach change in different ways. What is most important for us is a skilled, creative and dynamic workforce, committed to achieving great outcomes.

As such, you will receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ on your first working day including a welcome to Addaction, our staff handbook, essential contact details and policies, new email accounts and log on information, details of the new service and copies of staff newsletters.

Change can sometimes feel a destabilising, but it is also an opportunity to ask questions and get some additional support. You might have a lot of questions about your work and be worried about your service users and how this might affect them. Our HR teams and local managers have lots of experience about transferring staff and service users between providers, and we always make sure we have a plan in place to communicate information as soon as possible.

I use these services - what does this mean for me?

We always aim to minimise any disruption for people using services. There should be no immediate changes to any aspect of your care - in particular, if you get a prescription, this will be unaffected by the change.

We will do our best to make sure that you can keep the same worker, although over time, this may change. We will let you know if this is likely to happen. Over time, there will be improvements made to the service.

We are committed to ensuring that service users are fully consulted on proposed changes and that future developments include the views and needs of those who use the service.