2018 Christmas Appeal


Four out of five people in the UK with an alcohol problem aren’t receiving any support. We urgently need your help to change that.

In the UK, over 600,000 people’s lives are at risk due to their problems with alcohol. People who often started drinking for fun at first, then as a coping mechanism, and then couldn’t seem to stop. They never chose to become dependent on alcohol, didn’t realise this was slowly happening to them, until it was too late to stop on their own.

Claire started drinking at a young age. She thought it made her feel better, so anytime she felt low, or stressed, she would turn to a glass of wine. Despite working as a teacher and becoming a mother, her drinking kept increasing over the years. She didn’t want to drink anymore; she came to hate it. But she didn’t know what else to turn to.

Nobody chooses to become dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Two years ago, she became dangerously ill. She started vomiting blood and hallucinating. She realised she was in real trouble. She ended up in hospital, with doctors uncertain whether she would be able to come back from this.

Claire thought that was it for her; but, slowly, she got better. One day an Addaction worker came to see her in her hospital bed. Claire realised she had the opportunity to address her problem, and to start putting her life back together.

"I thought to myself, this is my last chance - I had to make it work not just for me but for my daughter.

I learned that it wasn’t really about the alcohol, it was about me and it took time to get myself back. Addaction staff supported me while I stripped everything back to start again. The detox was just the beginning, it was in those raw moments that the real work took place, work I couldn’t have done without them. They saved my life.”

With the right support, anyone can recover. This Christmas, can you offer someone a chance at recovery?

Everyone’s recovery journey is different; but thanks to our passionate volunteers and staff across the country, we are currently helping over 130,000 people on their own journey to a better, healthier life.

Sadly, we are clearly still only reaching the tip of the iceberg. We need your help to make sure we can be there for everyone.

Choose the value of your help

  • £10 could provide a secondary school pupil with an assembly from somebody with lived experience of drugs or alcohol misuse.
  • £45 could pay for one-to-one support for three people experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol.
  • £100 could fund a home visit for someone struggling with both addiction and mental health problems.
  • £300 could pay for a whole month’s support for an entire family where a parent or carer is experiencing drugs or alcohol misuse.

Thank you for your generous support