Need a spokesperson?


The Addaction press office is able to provide comment and spokespeople on a range of issues affecting the substance misuse sector. For example, we can provide comment on subjects including:


  • Harm reduction/minimisation
  • Drug consumption rooms
  • Heroin prescribing
  • Drugs and criminal justice system
  • Drugs and social exclusion/challenging stigma
  • Time-limited prescriptions


  • Minimum price on alcohol
  • Funding for alcohol services
  • 24-hour licensing


  • Integrating drug and alcohol services
  • Payment by results
  • Breaking the intergenerational cycle of substance misuse

Young people/education

  • Drug testing in schools
  • School exclusions

This list is not exhaustive so please contact the Press Office on 020 7017 2747 (out of hours 07818 587696).