What we do

What we do

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, Addaction is here to help.

Addaction is the UK's leading drug and alcohol charity. Every year, we help over 40,000 people in England and Scotland to recover from their problems. With our help, they rebuild relationships and go on to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

We have been at the forefront of treatment in the UK for over 45 years. More than anyone, we understand how difficult it can be to recover from a drug or alcohol problem. We know it's about more than tackling the addiction itself and that each person's path to recovery is different.

That's why we work with you at your own pace - helping you to understand and address any issues you may be facing - and why we design a package of care just for you, drawing on our own expertise and working with other organisations when and where we need to (around issues such as housing, employment or education). We also know that your family and loved ones may need support, too.

We are proud to say that the support we provide is the best available, and is free for you to use. We're always looking for ways to better what we offer to you - and our culture of continual improvement means that you can rely on Addaction to provide the support that you deserve.

Our aim is simple - we will not rest until every person with a drug or alcohol problem has access to support that enables them to change their lives and unlock their full potential. 


Young People

Addaction is committed to finding new and exciting ways of working to turn around young people's lives.

First Steps training class

Addaction Training

Addaction offers a number of training courses around the country specifically tailored for drug and alcohol treatment staff at all levels.


Adult projects

We currently run around 120 projects across the country.